Whitespace Interpreter

August 2017

For a long time now I've had an unusual interest in esoteric programming languages. I think it all started in grade 10 when I used a header file full of defines to make a starnge frankensteined version of LOLCODE in C. I later wrote a brainfuck interpreter for a contest programming problem, and even went as far as too learn Whitespace when I found out Hackerrank supported it.

So when I decided to write a Witespace interpreter I never really stopped to ask myself why. It was a pretty simple project, but it did force me to learn some new things along the way. I got the chance to practice OOP, as well as to learn how to use makefiles and place code in multiple files without and IDE. In a quest to document the language I picked up a bit of markdown too.

I still have yet to complete the project. The documentation is quite complete and I still want to add persistent memory. Perhaps someday I'll finish up the loose ends, but for now I've consumed myself with more interesting projects.

My original plan was to make a Whitespace IDE as well. I hoped to design an editor that allowed easy insertion of commands and integrate it with the compiler. I even planned to add a debugging tool. But as my list of project ideas grows, I've been forced to push that one to the back burner.